Several years ago,  Barbara Theodosiou, a South Florida mother of four, found out that two of her sons were addicted to drugs. At a loss and not knowing where to turn, her life plunged into one of despair. She was living every mother’s worst nightmare and did not know where to turn. Through her brokenness an idea was born: The Addict’s Mom.

 “Deep inside I knew I was not the only mom suffering. I knew there had to be other mothers who were going through the same emotional pain that I was. I wanted to create a place for mothers of addicts to have the freedom to share our pain without feeling the shame that often comes with having a child who is an addict. As the mother of two addicts, it took me four years to realize that I matter, that my life has purpose. I didn’t have to die inside because my sons were addicts. I am learning that I am important — to myself and other people in my life, including my husband and other children.”

  United behind the credos of “Sharing without Shame” and “Together We Really Are Stronger,” thousands of mothers have joined The Addict’s Mom group fan pages on Facebook. Recently, this new free membership site was launched, giving mothers support, valuable low cost resources to help their addicted children and a place to share with other mothers. The Addict’s Mom helps create personal change and healing among the broken spirits of the addict’s moms. There has been dozens of testimonials from members saying how much the Addict’s Mom group has positively impacted their lives.


 The Addict’s Mom had September 2012 declared “National Recovery Month” by the mayor of Davie, Florida